Twisting your hair with a hair straightener appears to be irrational, however truth be told, a level iron is equipped for making probably the best twists your hair has ever observed. Taking in this system can wipe out the need to try and claim a hair curling accessory.
To begin off, you have to choose the right straightener. To get the best twists, utilize an iron that has plates that are no bigger than a 1″wide. Level irons with an adjusted barrel are best for twists, as squared off barrels may give you an undesired wrinkle in your twist. You’ll need to ensure your iron has movable warmth and can get to somewhere around 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure your hair is totally dry. Try not to utilize a level iron on wet hair, regardless of whether it says ‘wet-dry’, as this is a genuine electric shock hazard, and furthermore can harm your hair. Utilize a warmth protectant item when your hair is 10% damp, at that point blow-dry out, for the best outcomes, and to ensure your hair.
To start twisting your hair, you’ll require separating cuts, a level iron, medium hold hair shower, and oar or vent brush. When utilizing a level iron, speed and movement is enter in getting the size twists you need. A quicker movement will give you looser twists, while a moderate movement will give you tight wavy sue spirals.
Put the dominant part of your hair in segmenting cuts, off the beaten path. You’ll begin twisting utilizing the base layers.
Take a 1-2 inch area of hair, brushing out straight. Flip the iron so your wrist is in the most distant back position it very well may be in, at that point close the oars over the hair near the scalp.
Curve your wrist forward to the most agreeable position conceivable, while holding the finish of your hair with your brush.
Bring the iron over the hair at the speed required for what measure twists you’re searching for, the distance to the finishes. Think about this like twisting a lace on a wrapped present utilizing a blade. You’re focusing on the follicle to do what you need utilizing this procedure.
Rehash around the base layers, at that point climb, discharging areas as you do them. The whole procedure should just take around 20 to 40 minutes, contingent upon your hair length and how great your level iron is.
Hair twisted by a level iron, in my experience, holds longer than that finished with a hair curling accessory, in view of the science of the hair and how you’re controlling the hair. Be that as it may, if your hair experiences difficulty holding shape, splash some medium hold hair shower on hair curler manufacturers  each segment in the wake of twisting.